What are Cloud Kitchens?

5 Unique Marketing Ideas for Unlock [No It’s Not Reels or Food Videos]

When you first locked down your restaurant back in 2020, you never thought it would take this long. But here we are, halfway into 2021, managing our expenses and overheads, somehow. Finally, it seems that COVID-19 is somewhat contained, people are getting vaccinated and you hope you’ll be able to resume operations soon. The industry […]
How to Turn Your Restaurant from Offline to Online (without paying commissions)?

How to Bring Your Restaurant Online? [Without Mediators]

Lockdown has taught the restaurant industry that one needs to be their own savior for survival. Discover how to bring your restaurant online and save your business without having to bleed money while paying high commissions in this blog. “From tonight, the entire country will be under a lockdown.” This speech began a cycle of […]