Hi! My name is Anish…

And let me tell you
my kutti story.


No, my life isn’t a bitch, at all.

I love mixing food and work, so naturally, my life has lots of spices and masala, just like a Bollywood flick.


Engineering was forced upon me,

But I chose to engineer growth for food businesses.

I am not your ‘regular’ engineer turned digital marketing consultant, but I engineer something specific:

‘Growth for food businesses in India.’

How to Convert Your Restaurant into a Cloud Kitchen? [and Earn Revenues ]

Yes, I worked in a conventional 9-5 job. And that made me travel around Kerala. While I was on the job, I explored local foods, preferences, and the potential of authentic flavors in the region. I never knew my love for Biryani would make me start something interesting for the F&B scene in Kerala, one day.

After two years of moving around the districts of Kerala, I decided to ‘call it quits’ and start something in the digital arena.

The recipe was tough nut to crack.

But the struggle bore sweet fruits.


I quit my job without a clue about the digital world, and that is when I made my first mistake: shooting out into the dark.

I knew about the local culture but did not know how to add digital flavor into the local food scene.

Just like you guys scout for the right ingredients to delight your patrons, I began scouting for the right mix of knowledge and direction.

It took me quite some time to master the right recipe – a pinch of marketing, a slice of digital assets, a dash of branding and heavy seasoning of startup culture and entrepreneurship.

5 Interesting Ideas for Marketing Your Restaurant in Unlock [No It’s Not Reels or Food Videos]

And today, after years of perfecting the right flavor, I work with restaurants, cafes, F&B outlets, cloud kitchens and food establishments to chart their growth strategy.

How do I make it possible?

Through a mix of
global trends & local insights.

I’ve been chasing three things all my life- food, scenic places and Arsenal FC. And if you’re a fellow foodie, traveler or sports lover, you’d know the power of building and being in a community.

For years, I have been active in local communities all around Kerala (and all over India, thanks to the Internet). If I’ve learned one thing through all this, it is the fact that: 

‘Digital’ is only a medium. If you can connect with your audience, you’re destined to grow.

I help you boost this ‘connect’ by mixing my years of research into dining/eating out preferences of Keralites with global digital marketing trends to create engaging growth campaigns for your restaurant.

How to Convert Your Restaurant into a Cloud Kitchen? [and Earn Revenues ]

The result: your establishment becomes more popular among the internet peeps, and I don’t need to tell you its impact on the bottom line.

How to Convert Your Restaurant into a Cloud Kitchen? [and Earn Revenues ]
Anish K Raju - Restaurant Marketing

Here’s a fun fact:
I love coffee… and some good company!

(Brownie points if you invite me over to your restaurant.)